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Business, Product and Service Naming

Finding the right name for a new product, service or business can be a challenge. It should be memorable, credible and add value to your core offering. Choosing the wrong name can have a negative effect and limit your potential for growth.

We have developed web site, product and service names for hundreds of clients in a wide variety of industries. Our team starts by gaining a deep understanding of our clients' needs so we can present several relevant options for review and feedback.

Domain Acquisitions

Either by the myriad of options we use, or relationships with large domain sellers we may be able to help you acquire a premium name for a better price than is normally available.  In some cases this may be at no extra cost.  We also can search free and expiring domains for you. We charge $4100 to locate 10 top free domains and 25 recent or upcoming expiring names.

Almost 100 million domains have already been registered. Are all of the good ones gone? We don't think so, but often times the perfect domain for your business is owned by another person or company. Coaching Domains will initiate contact with the domain registrant and act as a proxy on your behalf to negotiate and acquire your domain of interest.

Domain Brokering

Since 2003, we have sold thousands of domains to people in every corner of the globe. In doing so, we have built an extensive network of buyers and investors that we communicate with on a regular basis. If you have a domain or portfolio of domains that you would like to sell, please contact us to discuss. Our rates are among the lowest in the industry and we offer several options based on your specific needs.

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